LFT 4 accountswo minis

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Time Zone:eastern
Played time:countless hours
Age Range: 27Preformatted text
Elite Account?:who doesnt
Dragon Roster Includes:gold
Highest Lineage Dragon:sekoronos

About:my wife and I have two accounts on different platform looking for a platinum 2 team or higher. Our highest level is 84 our lowest is 40. We are highly active looking for a team hellbent on wars and events leaving no points behind. If we sound like a fit please don’t hesitate to invite. We are in plat 2 now but we are quickly losing rank and heading in the wrong direction.

Join us at The Red Eclipse! We have room for several players as we need to regroup after falling to Gold I. Great opportunity for your levels to build and fly with a fun, supportive, and chatty family-type team.


The NightsKings Platinum team would love to have all 4 of you!! Email me directly Chuckopotamus with any questions or so I can get invites sent out!!

You’re welcome to check my team out - Deathdealers. We’re in Plat 2, gunning for Plat 1.

I’ll message you in game too. We have lots of couples on our team - in fact our founders are a couple (they’re semi-retiring from leadership in a Sapph team but still in our officer chat)

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