LFT - 435 - returning player “Castle”

Previously known as Castle

LFT – Lvl 435 - Omnicastle - Platinum league preferably


Language: English
Time Zone: EST
Played time: whenever I get a free minute lol
Age Range: 23
Elite Account?: Base game always, atlas no
Dragon Roster Includes: Xul, Kinna, Lusian, Oculex
Highest Lineage Dragon: Oculex

About: Here we go again lmao I’m a returning player who’s played this game since it’s birth but has taken several hiatuses for irl purposes. Somehow I’m always drawn back to this damned game tho :thinking: Looking for a relaxed team who is willing to give me a few weeks to readjust to the game but I ALWAYS score well past team prize 8/8 and all team chest quests. (Came back today and hit 9M points this event for example) I’d like if the team can at least hit the same. Cheers :beers:


Hey, if you haven’t found a team yet I think we would be great for you. Check us out.
Team: Lost Souls.

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Can vouch for them as well! Amazing and active players, growing very fast and atlas active. Highly recommend!

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Welcome back Castle! :hugs::hugs: Hope you find a good team to settle down in :snowflake::european_castle::snowflake:


I gotta ask…IS THIS VALK??

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Yup, is meee lol. Coo :bird::blue_heart:

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Valk is the only one that can have “The recruiter :dog::orange_heart:” as a title under their name. If anyone tried takind that title from valk thered be a riot XD.

But so this post is still on topic XD.

Why not reach out to WorldStars, IronAges, SandSlingers, XxInvokersxX, GloryFlames

Just to name a few. If you talk to the leaders of active/very active plat teams in the game and explain to them this…

To explain your status in the game and that youll work to raise it, im sure a decent amount of teams would accept you

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Aww thanks SoulStealer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I dunno about the title as I’m more or a recuperer? :zzz::bird: lately :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

There’s a super huge :diamond: in there. But if you’re allergic to sleep then it be perfect! :smile:

If you’re (Castle) interested you could try out coughxIndoFighterxcough. Indo stands for indomitable, but I prefer indominus, rawr :t_rex: Pretty flexible gameplay :beach_umbrella::tropical_drink: Only requirements are 8/8 & 5/5 events (a lot of ppl do score beyond the minimums of course) :partying_face: and some Atlas points, that’s all :upside_down_face:

XD i was just looking at the recruiting tab and rattled off teams.

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