LFT 451 XXENOS - p3-p1 (or low sapphire)

Language: English
Time Zone: (Indian Standard Time) IST
Played time: about 3 yrs
Age Range: 22
Elite Account?: No
Dragon Roster Includes:Corallae, Gilas, Aerow, Barbend, Itzani, Jorm, Medusys, Daegon, Tuktu
Highest Lineage Dragon: Medusys (Abyssal tier)

i am an active player who likes to snipe and perform well in main game events.

What i have to offer:
8/8 5/5 & 500-600k monthlies atleast

What i am looking for:

  • A team that is active in atlas.

  • Talkative and friendly atmosphere.

  • Team places in top 10 & achieves 8/8 in main game events.

  • Would like to have opportunities to get glory during pvp.


Message Lathra at PeritusDraconi and come have a great time!

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Take a gander at WorldStars, we are full at the moment but im sure we can make room for you. The leader or any of the teams officers will happy answer any questions you may have. We dont always get 8/8 but weve been hitting 7/8 alot. Were a talkative team, active in atlas, and have the abily to make sure you cab get glory during pvp.

Sent you a pm in game :call_me_hand:t3:

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