LFT - 471 - MrE2025 - S2 or better

Time Zone: US - Mountain
Played time: 2+ years
Age Range: grown ass adults
Elite Account?: Both regular & Atlas
Dragon Roster Includes:Cal, Naja, Lockjaw, Krelos. Sitting on 20keys. Can’t decide btw Ikaros & Quasar
Highest Lineage Dragon:

About:Looking for an active Atlas team. I want to raid, not arrange glory swaps. Have Line, Discord & Telegram. You can look up my stats with your :robot::wink:


Check out R3b3lDragons!


GhoulDragons are looking for a few members check them out :slight_smile:

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I believe SkyGodz is S3 but they raid a lot, and if you hangout with Ru, you will probably drain your troops.

Just putting that warning out there

If we’re looking at speed for atlas and ease of flying, Quasar

For people who enjoy the challenge or frustration of flying a difficult dragon - Ikaros.