LFT-475, no atlas focused-update - found one already. Thank you

Active player, hate atlas, searching for a team that don’t care about atlas. Is there anything out there
i’m lvl 475 log in a min twice a day. Top 10 on all events, never missed war or quests. Half way through eldritch. Looking for a team that are not atlas focused. In the platinum sapphire range of league

You may apply to Pyromancers— plat 4. :blush:

WeLive4War is Plat3. Only requirements are some points in main events. Do whatever you want the rest of the time.


Thank you

Thank you as well

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I don’t think a single sapphire team will want a player who doesn’t do atlas

Ok so 2 questions:

  1. Did i write only sapphire?
  2. Did this comment contributed my request how?
    I already got a sapphire team that reached out to me and few plats.
    Thank you for your interest to not be relevant.

Well I just said to lower your standards im not being mean actually
Sapphire team usually need people participating in atlas, if one actually want you then good for you though but I don’t think they want someone who won’t be active in atlas, that’s just my thought actually

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A lot of these searching for team posts will have players comment if they think you might be unreasonable with your asking, this contributes by helping players to have realistic expectations and edit posts if necessary. I don’t think @Killmegently knows you or if you realize that its a seemingly unrealistic expectation or not.

Side note, your name matches your personality well :roll_eyes:


On side note,
Im not sure the sapphire team that try to recruit you is not likely active enough to achieve high prize if they don’t demand players to participate in atlas, at least that what i know of from most high performance sapphire team

A S3 team is still probably pretty strong compared to a plat team, but not a diamond team

Not in term of strength but activeness in atlas
Sapphire demand a lot of atlas active
If someone recruit you to one while they say you don’t need to do atlas at all im not sure if they’re being genuine or want you as a placeholder
This is an advice not target anything at op so think clearly before making decisions

Rumor has it, there’s at least one sap3 team that’s very competitive with diamond teams.:eyes:


But that sapphire team definitely wont take a non atlas player

Was going for it and tnx :rofl:

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I think his name shows character
I can act that way too if I go into detail

Well it’s obviously not AnD (joking, y’all are crazy in atlas. Also depends on what team you compare to)


Hey :wave: Nightrenegades have room definitely relaxed on atlas with no expectations there…
Plat3 over 18 international team
Do not hesitate to check us out

Thank you everyone that offered. I accepted an invitation. Be well

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@moderators, the OP has found a team. work your magic and close the thread.