LFT –49 - wolfonaninja– gold 2 -

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Age Range: 30’s
Elite Account?: sometimes
Dragon Roster Includes: almost green
Highest Lineage Dragon: almost have amarok


started working in a sales call center from home and now have this game once again to play during my work hours… so i’m usually doing something on it all day if i can be. used to play a lot years ago. just came back and looking to be active in a team. Used to lead a team myself and we were 8/8 5/5 in our league at the time. with over 30 people. but i quit since then and just wanna do what i do and build breed blow fire build breed blow fire

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Hey check out WeLive4War. Plat 4 or 3 depending on our mood.

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Creators can take you.
We have 72% more bellyflops than WeLive4War

if you got the spot still i’ll take it. WolfOnANinja. I recieved a message from alpha claw earlier and will be on most of the day today.

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XxREBELLIONSxX is better