LFT- 500 Flash , any platinum

Language: can text english
Time Zone:Asia
Played time: 2.9 years almost
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?:main only
Dragon Roster Includes: sepulla, Lockjaw
Highest Lineage Dragon: one leg from verdant

About: due to some real life things , I am planning to lower my gaming activity, so looking for atlas team without any atlas minimum ( no castles if possible ) and
Decent Main game events if possible, but not necessary lol :joy: ( for example getting 8th team achievement atleast on fort event ) .
I can do 8th team achievement team prize in all events , well that’s all I can promise …

Thank you

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I know WeLive4War has at least 1 open spot, usually Top 5 in events, the only requirement is to score in events. Great group of players.

Is that the same team where @PGGalileo living now ?

Yeah, it is.

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Hey MadTeaParty is looking for members. We are plat 4. WE HAVE ATLAS and we are pirates. Requirements are easy and simple 3 quest and somewhere near 8/8 it’s decided by calm. We are a very chatty bunch and like to have fun.

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Hi Flash,

Check Splatswolfpack,
Pirate team in Plat 2
Euro- Asian team.
We do 8/8, 5/5 all events.
Rank 1 all events

I did a post earlier:

Let me know in case you need any extra info :sunglasses::v:t2:

Hey, yeah we have Gal. We also have a castle but still pirates so no alliances to worry about. Be happy to have you, or you can PM me for more info if you like.


Westoros. Plat III. Pirates. No requirements.

Close this thread pls