LFT - 520 - looking for PIRATE team :)

I’m level 520. Active Atlas player…

S2-L25 Taunter
S2-L25 Destroyer
S2-L25 Seiger
S1-L18 Trapper
I always maintain about 1M troops or more.

Considering making the jump to a pirate team :pirate_flag: in any league, so give me your best sales pitch.

My requirements:

  • MUST get 1200 sigil team prize in every event.
  • MUST have a very short no hit list (less than 20 teams)
  • Pirate team of course
  • that’s it.

Please don’t contact me if the above criteria are not able to be met!!!

Thanks :slight_smile:


I am not sure any pirate teams get the 1200 sigil prize EVERY event.

ok well Fort / Breeding at least.

And some PvP would be nice. Message me and let me know.

If you know Turkish, there might be one in Sapphire :joy:


lol I know some Arabic and Aramaic (can’t read and write) but not Turkish :slight_smile:

I didn’t know there was a pirate team in Sapphire. Figured my team was the highest in plat1/2. I hope they are doing well. Pretty sure we would have 20 wars if we made that jump.


Sorry, my team isn’t a pirate team.

@PGawal, please take note that Gristlegrinder is not a pirate team so do not meet this player’s requirements. Thank you for taking note that Gristlegrinder is not a pirate team. Thank you :grin:


Every time I look at this post I get a tightness in my chest and a need for some oxygen. Am I choking from exasperation? Is my brain trying to kill itself? Am I trying not to laugh? I don’t know.

My good @SirYoYo. I think we should start by defining your concept of a pirate team and why you think they care about any of the information you just provided. :thinking:



“I would like a pirate team with all the benefits of a non-pirate team. Give me your best sales pitch since I would be honoring you with my presence.”

Nice. :man_facepalming:


Best “pirate” team ever is the #1, as they can attack anywhere as they please :eyes:


Agreed. If you want a good private team, try Dread. No better pirates out there.


But they have gazillion minions teams which are in no hit list :rofl:

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eh, they can attack their own minions too if it looks too delicious.

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No they don’t.

Kate, breathe everything is fine. People take this game too seriously, it’s actually part of the reason a pirate team seems more and more desirable. I’m tired of all the drama, all the whiners all the complaining every time I go out looking for glory
and I just want to get back to playing a game that’s simple and fun. I don’t get butt hurt when someone smashes my troops.

To me a pirate team is one that doesn’t care about alliances. It’s a team that doesn’t worry about retaliations and doesn’t care about politics. Whether they hold 100 castles or zero I could care less.

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Lol true

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Well it’s true. Whether I like it or not I get 5 to 10 sales pitches every week from people wanting me to be on their team except none of them will really work to be honest. I’ve been on top diamond teams and platinum teams and everything in between and atlas just keeps making the game worse and worse with the politics and drama And it’s getting to the point where it doesn’t really matter what your team ranks anymore. I just want to turn my phone on, play the game and have fun. So I’m asking people to give me a sales pitch on how the game can be fun and chill again… not how their team is so amazing which I’ve heard 1000 times,

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Spoiler alert - it can’t. Best to lurk the forums and forget about the game :man_shrugging:


Not true! I’m having lots of fun in Plat 4. Less atlas focused. The leader just be like “do your quests!”

Other than that I play how I want when I want. I don’t feel guilty if I’m not online all day.


I’m not looking to quit atlas right now just looking to make it fun again and not care about Alliances or crybabies. That’s why the pirate life seems appealing :grin: I still want to put my million man march to use and get mythic gear but swaps are lame. Even the top diamond teams all do glory swaps and I think it’s pretty ridiculous.