LFT - 58 cartatch - GOLD

Looking for Team
LFT – Level 58 Cartatch – Gold to Platinum

Language: English
Time Zone: CET central European Time
Played time: 6 months
Age Range: adult
Dragon Roster Includes: sage, kinnarus, leos
Highest Lineage Dragon: amarok lvl 21

About: looking for a team in the European time zone. Joined teams which where active but not when I was on

You are welcome to join SavageInc
We are a quiet but active team who have players all around the world.
We have a few members that play during your time zone and would love for you to join our family.

You are welcome to join Thegamers2! You can look up our description to see if we would be a good fit for you. We believe that real life is more important than a game and enjoy each other’s company while working hard and helping each other. I’m the leader, and I’ve been playing for 2+ years. Our wiki is pretty nice. We were in platinum 3 (old officers caused problems), and we can get there again.

Please let me know if you have any questions! :grin:


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