LFT - 636 - Percamat - no atlas requirement

Language: English - Spanish - French
Time Zone: Europe
Played time: too long (since Anuba… October 2017?)
Age Range: any
Elite Account?: FTP
Dragon Roster Includes: Telment, Kinnarix, Novarion
Highest Lineage Dragon: Radiant mythic

About: I like to pull my own weight but don’t have the time for Atlas… too much time consuming and I can’t stand politics… I do more than bare minimum to 8/8, do my quests and do wars.

I’m not very chatty.

If it’s fine for you to have someone like me filling your ranks, I will be glad to fly under your banner.

See you!

Do u have any regular event requirements? Or u just wanna chill, if u don’t care about 8/8 my close friend and my alt have just started a new team and could really do with someone like you :hugs:.

I do more than bare minimum, so I would like to be on a team that do 8/8 and 5/5 too.

I log in every day and many times, but I’m just not ingame hours straight.

Do you have a specific league in mind?

I would say sapphire is gonna be most desired, but not mandatory.

Take a look at my posts here

We bounce between P1 and S3, get 8/8 and 5/5 every week. We don’t have requirements in atlas but would like members to build troops and fly with us when we hold events and what not. Let me know if you would like to discuss more to see of this is a fit.


Apply to Lazydrag0ns. We are stable in S3, 8/8 minimums (which we get every event), and lvl 9 team chests. For atlas, we only require parking prims on our castles and occasionally checking to refill them. Mailed you more details in game.


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See OP’s post above :slight_smile: