LFT- 64- Cataclysmicend

Looking for good close knit team, that’s willing to help when needed and looking for serious players, who want to succeed together! 18+ only please.


Come join reaperz8 we have an amazing core, and are currently looking to replace some weak members to help us grow.

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Check out SoloHunter, Gold 2 right now, growing core to move further up. If you like us stay, if not no hard feelings.

We are serious players, but fun and helpful. . Keen to succeed. Come join us. Un4givenSaints

We are a close knit team that’s core members have been together for a couple years. We went through some heartbreaking stuff that caused our team to fall. We have all come back together now to lift our team back up and grow again. Check us out and message me if you’d like to talk more. AkichitaWopaka I am BrookeJT

Look at the SeaSplashers team. We are Silver 2 but hard workers.

If you haven’t found a team yet FurriesUnited sounds perfect! We grow as a team and are always looking for active and enthusiastic members. Leadership positions available as well for right fit

The Last Sparta is looking for members exactly like you. Our core is active and we talk a lot. We are super supportive of one another and share knowledge and resources.

It’s likely you’ve already found a team at this point but you’re welcome to join us.


We are a brand new team (1 month) of mostly 30-40 something’s and my officers and myself have been playing the game together for nearly a year. We are a close knit group and have some high level players. We share resources and help with xp runs.

We will be Gold IV at league change, possibly Gold III depending on if we can get enough wars in between now and then (I won’t declare on a team more than once and we are running out of teams in our current league, lol). Otherwise the following league change I’m confident we will be Gold III. We are working hard to move up to Gold II-I or maybe even Plat IV before settling in for a bit.

If interested please let me know. We have a few alts and inactives we can kick to make room. Would love to have you!

Look at MassiveChaos2 we have links with TaskForce
We are a close team and been going for a couple of years. Stable leaders looking for long term players. Helpful and support of all players new and old
Message either @ElysChaos or @Wicca4Chaos we would welcome you

Crickets is in Gold 2. We have a strong core family base that isn’t going anywhere. Some of us have been together for over 2 years. We are currently working on team building and strengthening our members. You are welcome to join our family. We’re almost full so let us know soon if you want a spot.

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