LFT - 642 - Taco

Language: English
Time Zone: US central Nights. (I work nights)
Played time: 7 years+
Age Range: 28
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Sola, Jacket Croc, Cuadart.
Highest Lineage Dragon: All Radiants.


I am taco. I like tacos. Pls house the taco.


Tacooooo hiiiii what type of league are u looking for? Knowing you already would have received tons of offers


Hiiii :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I actually haven’t spoken to anyone so no offers lol.


Then if you want to try out some peaceful Alpaca army give yinyanwarriors a try. @GhostRider419 can help you with it or @MasterofJuno @Havok

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Hi Taco, we’re a S3 team that consistently get 8/8 and 5/5. Would you be interested in joking us?

7 castles

Team requirements is simple. 8/8, 5/5, and war participation.


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And fire ponies :eyes:


You can always join IronAges, although were plat 3 which I think is a little under league for you :sweat_smile:.

Either way I hope you find a team taco that fits you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey Taco RegulatorsX waiting for you :hugs::hugs:

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New Taco, who dis?


Psh! Come on to Regulators. D1, will be good to fly with you again :slight_smile:

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Hey Taco, if an S2 team would fit for you, just write me. We can have a spot for you :innocent:

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Really unsure what you are looking for in terms of a team. Competition? More relaxed? Certain alliance? League? Atlas?

If you are looking to still be competitive, and want to try something different, give me a message on MadTeaParty. We can set up an interview to discuss your interests, team expectations, and if you would enjoy it here or not.

S1 ♤ MadTeaParty ♤ Recruiting 525+

Link :point_up: if you want to read more on what we offer and how we’ve grown.

Happy hunting :crossed_swords:

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I guess you could say.

“Are you a hard taco?” Aka competitive.
“Are you a soft taco?” Aka more relaxed



@SoulStealer73 :joy::joy::joy: love it

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Come join DH1 :eyes:

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DivineDestiny has room for you just apply



Come to BA.

Now thats an idea i like :joy:

Don’t come near me.

I eat tacos. :crazy_face:

But yeah, if you’re looking to stay for vacay, I’d recommend my family team.

If not, then good luck. :grin:


OG Taco