Lft-7 members together levels 70+ hopefully plat league?

Hi! I have a group of 7 very active players looking to move together to a strong team. We all came from a team in p1. Please message me with any openings!! :blush:
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We are multi-national, multilingual, and cover most time zones. Ours is a supportive, positive team that cares about the growth and development of individual players as well as all of us as a team.

We are currently in Gold I but we are in the process of weeding out inactive players and then will move back to Platinum again ASAP. We gladly accept active dedicated new members and make them part of our family. I can make room for all 7 if they are a good fit.

We do require participation in all wars and events, enabled notifications, and communication in chat. We also use Line app and it is recommended but not required. We always help lower levels with xp and war runs, and we share rss freely. We have great event strategies too. No drama.

Message me in game!


It would help if you could post more details about all the players similar to this

Helps more for teams searching for active players.

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We are looking for some active dragon lords who can replace alts within our team.
We are a cooperative team who share defensive and offensive strategies, and work to develop our teammates experiences.
50% of our force is above level 100 and up to 200. We comunícate mainly in English and German, but we also speak Spanish or Japanese as required, as we have different players around the world.
If you are interested, you can contact us anytime and you can check our YouTube channel before, to know us better.


Hi , hope you are well . I am looking for few loyal member for my team . We are in gold 1 team . Very active. Help each other in xp run , event & wars . We are friendly and familiar. We also use line app ,
Mail me inside game
Team youthindia, IGN - Rahul51

If you’re still looking burningbreeze has the room. We are rebuilding and still have spots to fill and can accommodate you all. We are now platinum 4 after the mass exodus but are anxious to start climbing back up league. You can message me in game or on line at emberphyre, comes up Mrs Ember. Happy Hunting to you and your crew.


Un4givenSaints can fit you…can kick some alts to fit you all if need be.
Message me : WillisRWasbe

we are looking for active players for our team, We are gold 3 and continuously growing. Team name : Punjab50. Ask any questions if u have, want to keep it brief.

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We have space (can move some alts). Currently gold 1 but moving to platinum now.
Already a couple experienced players who have been in plat and sapphire.
Wars and events mandatory
Message BrightSparkz :slight_smile:

I’m a little technologically challenged. We have room on our Gold2 team. We want to move up but won’t until we have 50 strong active members.

We are a EvilTwins and I have been renamed by my teammáte who won the Quest competition. Normally I’m NanaOfDragons but this week only I’m JuicyTeTe.

Please send me a message I need WD since I’m not sure how this part works. :scream::scream::scream:

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Hey there if still looking check out FireTeamAlpha they’re waiting to move to platinum when they have a fully solid and reliable team mail cindershard (leader) or babymori my alt (officer) they’re sister team to R3b3lDragons in platinum 1 currently and members are welcome to move as spots open up if they’d like…

Off topic…
Where is the one who named you from?
I’m curious, as it sound funny in my language…

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