LFT - 73 meropixxx - Plat 4 to Plat 3

Language: decent english (sorry there’s still a chance that i dont get the joke :yum:)
Time Zone: asia (gmt+7)
Played time: around 6 months
Age Range: 20+
Elite Account?: mostly no (unless super ultra mega desperate, which only happened once lol)
Dragon Roster Includes: necryx, avyx, whale, enki, hugin
Highest Lineage Dragon: whale, cons (i messed my breeding a bit so i need at least 2 breeding event to start on platinum)

I just had a break and want to play again. I play everyday (except these 2 weeks i had break), never missed a war and usually try to avoid bottom 20 in event at the very least (unless its minor event). Want to be on platinum 3 team for egg token and more fun war time (got tired of losing war because of no shows). Currently not interested in atlas. And I don’t go out of my way just to do quest as I’m happy enough by doing my best on event and war. Fyi, I may not be able to online at the start of war (it starts around 7am, so its busy time here).
I’m looking for stable and well organized team with friendly, laidback, & dramafree environment. I hope by laying everything out here I can stay on the team as long as i can. :grin:


We are looking for a couple of active players for wars. We will be getting promoted to Plat4 tomorrow in the league change :slightly_smiling_face:.

Team name is Bridgeburners, hope to hear from you soon!


NightCreatures have a couple of spots opening up after the event. We’ve been sitting pretty in Plat 4 for a while now, growing the team before we push on upwards.

Message me in-game if you’re interested.

Consider checking out NagaWarriors. We would love to have you :grinning:

Hi meropixxx,
Like my fellow teammate already suggested, you’re welcome to aply to our team NagaWarriors :slight_smile: We are looking to bolster an already strong roster with friendly and active players. War participation is a must on our team, when someone misses without notice beforehand they are booted.
Our roster consists of a couple newer players and a lot of veterans around level 200, with the bulk of our teammates in the 90-140 range.
Our roster looks full, but if you aply we’ll make room for you!

We are usually platinum 3 but our rebuilding after a large group left for sapphire and plat 1 teams. Once we’re full we’re heading back to platinum 3 minimum. Message any officer or myself in-game. We’re burningbreeze. Hope to hear from you, if not best of luck with your new team.

Check us out!! We should be moving to Plat 2 in 3 days :grin: KittyNSausage

Message me in game Twitchx

Good tokens because we war a lot :wink:
Great teams w amazing people!

We have declared so it wouldn’t be until probably this evening until added…After an Alt gets attacked in war could accept you! Shoot me a message if interested

Edit - We are very friendly here! Absolutely no drama! And most members who join usually stay forever :grin:

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