Language: English
Time Zone:CDT
Played time:Off and on all day
Age Range: 28
Elite Account?:yes
Dragon Roster Includes: necryx,leos, aibrean, whale, consurgeons

Highest Lineage Dragon: gold but leveling to breed plat

About: Very active player, started back in August, was in platinum 1 for most of time till team collapsed. Looking for active team with full war participation, tired of losing due to no war runs.

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Check out NagaWarriors :grinning: We are a Platinum 4 team looking for more players like you to boost our roster.

Hi Justhebull,
Like my fellow teammate already suggested, you’re welcome to aply to our team :slight_smile: We are looking to bolster an already strong roster with friendly, active players. War participation is a must in our team.
Our roster consists of a couple newer players and a lot of veterans around level 200, with the bulk of our teammates in the 90-140 range.
Our roster looks full, but if you aply we’ll make room for you!

Sounds great. Will send an application

Please check out saph 3 team feedus!

SoulsHaven in Plat IV is looking for active, friendly folks now! We’re rebuilding and can make room for you immediately, before the next event starts. Message Havenite in-game for more info! :smiley:

Thanks for all the offers. I went with Naga Warriors and I’m quite happy

We are happy to have you :grin:

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