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Hi I known I’ve put lots of posts in recruitments but I’m not looking to do that again just looking for a abandon atlas team me and a few of my friends can run together I’ll put more information below.

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Played time:1 Year
Age Range: 19
Elite Account?:No
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About:just looking for a abandon atlas team to run. It’s always been a dream.

:thinking: you’re going to run an atlas team without working to get atlas? are your friends 49 lvl300 players coming down from sapphire?

edit: 11, you have eleven recruitment posts

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I am aware and yes but I don’t know when Though probably near end of this season

We can relate to having dreams mines been this since LightVsDark but since some of my members didn’t do anything to help it’s kinda died til now



Why on Earth would anyone trust you with an Atlas team when you can’t even run a bronze team? For that matter, why would anyone join your team in the first place? What’s your team’s name, DaysofOurLives?


No it was LightVsDark and it did get passed Bronze it was in Gold league



“The first team I made didn’t work out, so I’m just going to make another one but this time it’ll have something that I don’t know how to use and won’t be able to teach to the noobs who will inevitably join my team!”


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