Lft atlas preferred

Looking for atlas am a 140 lvl very active player always do quests and always do my part on wars events and defends

Err, need to give more info about yourself and what you’re looking for. Preffered league? Any other requirements besides Atlas? Breeding progress? Strongest drags?

Very active player. breeding sapphire dragons and have Dreth chel and goda at plat

Ghosteam is open for recruitment. P4 with relaxed Atlas requirement :blush:

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And not to worried about the league just looking for a team to call home for the long run last team just kinda decided to split and took the bigs to atlas and left

Do you have atlas


Am I late. If not, you can join us. Message me in game and I will give you a slot in the team :grin:. P3 right now but we are going back to P2.

DILL1GAF would love to have you. Plat4 and moving with Atlas

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You can check out khaleesikillas we are a plat 3 atlas team with atleast 1 castle of each element. We do have team minimums that are easily met and will be pushing up in leagues in the near future. If your interested shoot me or any officers a message in game and we can get you in today.

If I’m not too late HappierDayz are recruiting. We are a Platt 2 no drama happy, chatty team who would love to bring you on board. If you’re interested send me a message

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