LFT - BabyBea (Alt Account) - Level 53 - any League

Language: English
Time Zone: US - EST
Played time: About a year on game…few months on this account
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: yep
Dragon Roster Includes: Amarok, Ettin, Munin, Danzig, Necryx, Equestor
Highest Lineage Dragon: Danzig/Munin - breeding into golds next event


Needing a laid back team for my alt account to hang out in. Don’t have as much time anymore to give 100% to two accounts. Also being 100% transparent, it will likely not a huge scorer in events but will always get war attacks done (especially if team has line with reminders :grin:).

Pop me a message here or in game if sounds like a fit.

Check out OrderofDragoon

You can join us, Thegamers2. :slightly_smiling_face: Check out our description to see if we are a good fit for you.

Hey honey we are in Platinum at the moment but will be dropping your welcome to join us we require war and event play but are active and sharing bunch

Come check us out, I776

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