LFT Basic needs/requirements

LFT Basic needs/requirements

LFT – 605 Zalek86 (IGN different) – Plat 2 to 🀷


Language: English
Time Zone: GMT +8
Played time: :thinking: Many years
Age Range: Any
Elite Account?: Nope Zip Nada
Dragon Roster Includes: Krygant, Aerow, Swamp hunter, KinX, the Sorc with a backpack from season before last
Highest Lineage Dragon: Bred All Radiant, don’t really use Lineage
My research is being worked on and I am about to head in to Obsidian this breed event.

About: I am looking to move on from my current team, no animosity there just unfortunately the numbers are dropping off and it makes it harder to achieve Team scores.

I hit 8 for 8 in Team quests and I hit 4.5 for 5 in quests (sometimes I forget a day somehow).

My biggest issue is that I am not Atlas active.

  1. I don’t enjoy it.

  2. my phone will get a problem occured error post Every attack screen that I can’t get rid of without closing the game.

  3. my time is not set for things like swaps or raids as I am on and off at random times and for random amounts of time.
    This does not affect my PVP time or War completions.

If I am up your alley let me know. I am in no rush to leave my current team and would be happy to wait until the next PVP or when I find a proper fit.


Git off my la… alley! :grin:


message me … same IGN… need some peeps in our team

@stoick GloryFlames

We get 8/8 and 5/5 every event. Many of us are very active on atlas but we don’t really have atlas requirements.

Just get 8/8, 5/5, and don’t miss war you will fit right in

S3 GloryFlames

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poor Telment :smiley:


I would like to confirm about the atlas requirements as your team description says it is required. Otherwise it seems like a good fit

@Stoick can you confirm

Would be best if you just message Vics, Dave, or Stoick

I’ve been on team for almost 3 seasons now. I was lvl 205 when I joined… none have pressure me about atlas or seen anyone being pressure bout atlas.

8/8, 5/5, and war is none negotiable though.

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