LFT before PvP 500 and 506

Language: many, including mainly English, Russian, Japanese and more
Time Zone: around Europe
Age Range: forever young
Elite Account?: NOPE both people are complete F2P all the time
Dragon Roster Includes: Calavore, LJ, Naja on one and Hauhezen, Naja, Noc, Sepulla and soon Calavore too
Highest Lineage Dragon: Lupin

About: very short notice before the PvP but it happened like this.

let me set this straight, most probably we are just going to a pirate team and have fun, but I am curious to see if there are any Sapphire teams that might fit? … We will get next season mythic no matter on what team, cause we are resources bags. At least double of 8/8 teams reward in events, but usually much more. Quests, wars, blah blah all that too
Buuuuuuuttttt here’s the thing, we hate atlas politics and limits (“don’t hit that team’s castle”) and prefer to hit whoever we want. If team has castles, well, we’ve got troops to defend them, if not, they will destroy someone else’s. But don’t expect us to be on game 24/7

Ps we are coming together or we don’t at all, not alts

Pps reply here or in PM, anywhere, I’ll look tomorrow in the morning

Ppps team can even be in an alliance closer to dread side but just be veeeery relaxed about atlas (why dread? there are some teams we loooove kicking but they are doa so we can’t be on the same side and keep doing that :sweat_smile:that would be awkward)


What is troop counts looking like for both players?
I understand you don’t like politics, but there’s very few Sapphire teams that aren’t in a mega alliance. I can however name 2 (one may be P1, not sure) that aren’t deeply rooted in any mega alliances.

Message @Daedalus if you lower your standards. WeLive4War P3, Top 3 in all events.


One is 500k and another one is over… 600k I believe…?
League doesn’t matter too too much, I’m curious what we have

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Alright, have 3 teams so far,
DragonHelpers1, (sapphire)
4vengeance (sapphire)
TorqueNPower, (platinum league, think P3)
Ancients. (p3)
Will add more as I get the,

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Yeah I know Daed :smile: we’ve been on that team already and loved it tbh that’s secretly the ‘pirates’ I was referring to :smile:


Daed’s pirates are the BEST pirates :grin::crossed_swords::parrot::pirate_flag:


Was worried Lathra was gonna steal these recruits.
Luckily. It’s just a pirate.

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Yo Ho :pirate_flag::wink:


Nice, if you don’t find any Sapphire teams you like, join us! :grin:


Thanks guys :facepunch:t2: Looking good so far.

-I’m off for some sleep-


I’ll keep the list growing in the meantime, lol

Didn’t she said close to dread side cause she like attack doa so I think it’s probably not gonna be good choice

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That was a later edit and trust me
We kiss off plenty of teams here as Dead On Arrival teams

You know we got room for y’all. :sunglasses:


Try our team b1ackpearl. We are platinum 3team. We do events and lot of wars. We have altas access. U dont have to worry about politic since we dont have any alliance and all are free to do what they like.

Yeah I added last note later on, just in case, I’m not even sure those teams are doa tbh :joy: but they were not on our side before. like I told I don’t give a damn about politics, I like hitting some certain dread allies too, when I’m a pirate I do

Screaminghawks is new to the pirate game, we will be hitting 8/8 from start of next season, we do currently have 1 castle. Only expectations are event and war participation and to overall have Fun! Please message me in game if you wish to know more.

Pirates sale the high seas, they don’t have 1 castle.

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@moderators you can shut this thread :blush:

Thanks to everyone for shouting out. Appreciate a nice feedback and sorry if we didn’t have a chance to properly talk :relieved: We are good for now :smiley:

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