LFT - Between Plat I and Sapphire 3 - Level 143

Language: English
Time Zone: Central
Played time: 10 months, 19 days
Age Range: 15
Elite Account?: No
Dragon Roster Includes: Gunnar, Dreth, Scorpa, Hyaku, Apophet, Kullecid, Sho’Groth, Ember
Highest Lineage Dragon: Apophet

Greetings everyone! I have just recently gotten kicked from my team, and I need a new home before the event starts. I’m looking for a team that gets all or almost all of the team prizes in events, level 9 quest chest at the LEAST, and does really good in events league-wise (like the top 5-10 teams).

Additional expectations include having Red’s breeding guide in the wiki, having ATLAS, getting a decent amount of egg tokens a day, etc. If you feel like your team fulfills these requirements, or you know a team that does, please submit the team name via email or feel free to type it out in the reply space below.

I am a very dedicated team player, and I care about the team’s progress, not just my own. I try my best to reach the team minimums, but if I don’t then it’s usually either because I was busy outside the game, or because I found it difficult to do so.

if you’re going to start with that you should probably say why


It was for absolutely no reason. I came home, logged into the game, and saw that I was kicked from my team. I don’t even know what I did, but that’s fine with me :man_shrugging:t4:

So I refrained from saying this in your previous two threads, dated 13 days and 17 days ago, but I’m gonna go ahead and offer this friendly bit of advice here: Consider this space like a job application.

There are two major pieces involved: What you have to offer (That is, why a team should recruit you), and what you’re looking for.

For the former, you want a list of reasons why you would be great for their team - maybe you’re always online, maybe you’re an expert base-builder, or an amazing Hau flyer, or have great dragons, or high-level towers, or tons of troops and maxed silver primarchs.

This includes things like personality and availability - and the facts that you’re looking for a team for which you would be relatively underpowered, and that you are looking for your third team in three weeks are…points of concern. Not to mention that you meet the minimums…unless you find it difficult, which comes across less as “I will strive and improve,” and more as “I guess, if it’s not too much effort.”

For the latter, you should really focus on points that would make you seem like a good addition to the team, who fits the team’s culture and level of drive (e.g. a vacation team, a pirate team, a competitive and advancing team, a team that wars daily, etc.). Focusing on things like the prizes they earn is like focusing only on the pay, and not on the environment, goals, or responsibilities. It doesn’t make you seem like a person who’s likely to be a team player, or someone will stay for years, and help the team grow.

Combined with your limited qualifications, this is a little akin to saying “I have a high school diploma, but I want a job - I don’t care what job - that pays at least $100,000 a year, with full health benefits, a great retirement plan, a company car, and no more than 20 hours of work a week.” With respect, I suggest that you either need to moderate your expectations, or give people a reason to think that you will be not just a good addition, but a better addition than the level 250 alt they have sitting around.


My other two threads didn’t get any replies, so I had them closed. I have stayed on this same team for about two and a half months.

huh? looks like a lot of replies, so is it not ones offering you a team? maybe consider why you have not found a home yet.

Yes, everyone who has replied to those posts only gave me tips and talked about my expectations, which I have improved since the FIRST time I got lectured about them. None of the people on those threads really told me anything about the team they’re on or another team they recommend :man_shrugging:t4:

I recommend any team that will take you, just saying.


Don’t mind giving you a chance.
We can take you if you talk :woman_shrugging:t3:


Yes, I’m very active in team chat. I talk a lot :joy: - I’m going to email you to find your team :slight_smile:

Any? :thinking:

At your level yes, any :joy: and alright. I’ll keep a look out for your mail

is this a threat


Only to you :wink:


Obviously someone offered and they took it only to be booted for “no reason” :woman_shrugging:

I know I messaged to offer a chance to discuss on the first topic and got no response

Mustn’t have been a good enough offer for them … so yeah now that you’ve posted so many times I’m with Jonsey take anything you can get before you’re teamless this event

This makes me sad :pensive:

I’m also curious why he got booted, but I guess it doesn’t really matter cause my team doesn’t meet his qualifications :grimacing:

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You were on a team and actively looking for a new team, I would have kicked you myself if you were on my team


Dear god i want that job

He ended up getting a better offer than us :roll_eyes::joy: so he didn’t take mine either. You’re not alone.


Prolly for not meeting minimums, event, atlas, insert reason here