LFT - BGage - Lvl 531 Anywhere from P1-Diamond Non-Dread only

LFT - BGage - lvl 531 - Anywhere from P1-Diamond

Language: English/Spanish and some Portuguese
Time Zone: CDT/EST depending on daylight savings.
Played time: 2years
Age Range: over 21
Elite Account?: Nope, that costs money lol
Dragon Roster Includes: Helminn, Xul, Jaalkan
Highest Lineage Dragon:Helminn

I have (or will have by the end of this fort) 11 maxed towers and am at maxed lineage dragons. I’m not sure if I’ll go to a retirement team or to a highly focused team, it all depends on the offers I get. (Retirement for me is still 8/8 and 10/10)

I’m coming from a Diamond team currently, and while I’m not the most active on the team, I participate in raids whether by defending or attacking as regularly as RL allows (which is usually at least once a day if the time zones aren’t a terrible match).

While I have a lot of friends on the Dread side and have been on that side most of my game, I will be going to a Non-Dread team only at this time.

My timeline is at the end of this event. Feel free to message me here or in game with any questions.


An amazing teammate who will be greatly missed :pensive:


Well, if you take the retirement route there’s always my favorite VikingsDK In P2. They hit 8/8, are non dread, and are 11/10 people


Great guy, and a great player. Don’t sleep on this one guys!


:sob: :sob: :sob:


Aren’t there some low ranked teams that are neither? :thinking:

The ones that frank listed as Unknown?

You are more than Welcome to Apply to CelticWarHeros.We are Active Atlas and We like To hit back .Have any Question you can IG QueenofCelts or DrummerGirl7 .I have Room

I have found a team and I apologize if I didn’t respond to anyone, I tried to as much as possible. Thank you all, and I’ll definitely miss you guys at AnD!

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