LFT - Cervene - High Sapphire/Low Diamond


Language: English
Time Zone: Eastern US
Played time: Awhile
Age Range: late 20s
Elite Account?: Main and Atlas
Dragon Roster Includes: Mythic Vanguards, Pathox, etc. Vanguards den capped.
Highest Lineage Dragon: Jorm (Mythic Vanguard)

About: I’m looking for a high sapphire to low diamond team at this time. I will not consider S3 or below. I’m sure your teams are great, but at this time thats not what I’m looking for. I am an above average flier, my base gear is kind of bad honestly, but my base shows I at least have a basic understanding of the game.

Good troop count and such. For more information, please inquire here.


Hello there,

You can check S1 Exalteddragons. Excellent team and looking for strong players :wink:

Send a message to officers Ronn or Saphira and they’ll look it up!


Please apply for Bendtheknee1. We are sapphire 1 team. Thanks


Apply to @MommaBear1234 at 1stNightFury

We are mostly D2 with occasional respites in S1 as it’s difficult to walk the thin line between D1 and S1.


Closed as requested by OP.