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Found what I was after

We are also gold 2, and don’t have atlas yet… But we have an awesome core consisting of several 100+, a couple 200+, and 300+ to help with growth and knowledge to get us all to higher leagues, as well as obtain atlas… We are ready to move up in leagues, and would love to give u a home to grow with :blush: … If ur interested, let me know and u can check us out :grin:

-Missy :kiss:

Have found a wonderful team to learn atlas with. Thanks,
Fight on Dragon Lords
This can be closed :slight_smile:

Hi bro…you. Kiwi?..I’m in a great team…Loners101…we are looking for a few new members…we are gold1 and have atlas…solid core of players…looking to move up to platinum in the near future once we have restructured…we always rank well in events…not so much in wars lately due to inactivity…hence we’re shedding dead weight…I’m kiwi…:facepunch::facepunch:be great to have sum1 else in same time zone…get back to me…:beers::beer::beers::beer::beers::crazy_face::+1:

One and check out legionofgodz we are always looking for great members that participate.

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