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Come check us out! We’re currently in gold 1, headed for plat. We’re very active in the vents and wars, just placed first in breeding and usually place in top 3. 100% Activity right now, and about to open two spots. Funflyingdrags

Come check us out, we are in Gold 3 as we are rebuilding.
We are a team that is more like a family we are helping each other to grow and understand the game.
Feel free to PM me for more info

TargaryanHorde is Gold 1, but we have several friends and couples playing, and several former members of the armed services. Nice group, we have lots of fun and would love to have 2 more active players to help us rise to Platinum (soooo close!)

We have room - SnarlingWolves Plat II


We have an amazing team here! Check us out!
Was just in Plat 2 had a slight problem (its fixed now lol)
We had a little dead weight to get rid of good to go now! Still in Platinum but Will be back into the Plat 2/1 range within a week…and should be into Sapphire soon :grin:
We’d love to have you! And i think you both would be a great fit! We have a few couples on the team!
Check us out…
Team name - KittyNSausage
Message me in Game Twitchx
Can definitely make room for ya :+1: