LFT diamond 2 please

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LFT – lvl 228 GidDropped to s1 need d2 team


Language: english
Time Zone: gmt +4
Played time: more than 1 year
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: fomhar, aibrean , getting Huitzil
Highest Lineage Dragon: emerald next breeding

About: I do all important things in game, and very efficient. I score minimum for 1.2k sigil every event. Im looking for an active team that Can get 1.2k sigils every event. I have 300 if 300 epack for this pvp. I currently have 158k tokens and 200 mystic frags, im halfway to 2nd season dragon and i should be able to finish huitzil this season. I just need a help from a d2 team for that to happen. I have 100+m defense power. I have legendary gears ready for huitzil.

I have primarchs lvl 9 and 6, but have enough xp for them to become 2 digit level.

Pls close. Found team