LFT /Find a team …my level is 674

I would like Diamond League 1.
Primarch is all gold 2 Taunter30)Sieger20)Trapper22)Destroyer15

Members can run banks?

I use the translation function.

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Can any of you please move this thread to LFT please?

Also op, could you possibly give us a little more detail on what youd like in a team? Pirate or not? Stuff like that would help a diamond team figure if theyd be a match or not

Why not just contact jpnz straight off? :thinking:

a) not everyone wants to be on dom (crazy, i know), and not every japanese player cares about the team being in a specific region

b) apparently, ‘jpnz’ has a very selective, referral-based recruitment process.

Also this person is already on the best Japanese team in the game, maybe they don’t wanna downgrade




Hi OYAKATA san :smiley:

It’s sad that several Japanese teams have recently disbanded and several Japanese players have quit the game. :cry:

Strikers has 4 Japanese speakers.
And some players live in Asia / Pacific.

Everyone can access the team bank.
Our team can do individual swaps during PvP events.

If you are interested in our team, please feel free to send me DM or an in-game email. :raising_hand_woman:t2:


Thank you for contacting us :blush:
I still have some time until the end, so I’ll think about it a little more.

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