LFT for 2 accounts-267 &91-Gold to platinum

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Language: English
Time Zone: Central (though I work night shift)
Played time: under 6 months
Age Range: 21+
Elite Account?: yes on both
Dragon Roster Includes: for the 267- Corthanak, Neptus, Leos, etc.; Lvl 91- Leos, equestor, avyx
Highest Lineage Dragon: Lvl 267- garnet, though looking to breed into emerald next event; Lvl 91- gold

About: Looking for a fun, active team that does well in events. Looking to keep these accounts together if at all possible. I get on daily and do war runs. Also contribute heavily in events. Thank you for your consideration!
Edit: Sorry I forgot to mention this, but on days that I work I will be unable to be on at the start of war (my shift starts at 7 PM and war starts at that time as well).



Hey there :grimacing::hugs: we just had a member leave so we have around 2 spots. We are gonna get Atlas soon.

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Hi queen, have you found a team for your 2 accounts yet? If not we could offer you a home in our team. We just moved up to platinum

We can take both accounts . Would love to have you .
Message me or join Un4givenSaints :grin:strong text

Found a team, thank you everyone. Can close the discussion

We are a high flying, fun, active team, covering a range of timezones, so when you do war attack isn’t an issue. We would welcome both accounts.
Gold III, heading for platinum.First Place in events Un4givenSaints

If your still looking for a team WinterLeopards is looking for active members to join we are a gold 4 team.


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