LFT for 3 accounts lvl 140, 229, 466

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Language: English
Time Zone: CST (though work night shift)
Played time: 1.5 yrs
Age Range: 20s
Elite Account?: yes (atlas elite only on 466)
Dragon Roster Includes: 140: noillaig, fohmar, hildr; 229: fohmar, hildr, avyx; 466: too many to list
Highest Lineage Dragon: 140: sapphire; 229: garnet; 466: empyrean

About: Looking for active and chatty team for 3 accounts. Not too interested in a team that has minimum weekly medal counts, etc. Willing to have big account go solo, but would like to keep smaller accounts together. Atlas required for big account, but only preffered for smaller two. Leave a comment or message me on forums with details. Thanks!

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Our team can take all 3 accounts.right now! DragonRapture Plat 4

My team is saph 1, with atlas. And can take your big account if you’d like to

Thanks for the response, found a team, can close thread @moderators