Lft for alt account

Language: English
Time Zone: uk
Played time: couple years I think
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: kinn, chim, equestor
Highest Lineage Dragon: sekoronos and other golds

About:hi I’m looking for a team for level 68 alt account. I want to give atlas a try so atlas team please. Obviously it’s still a low level account so lower the league the better. Can guarantee war attacks and a decent event score (won’t be the highest but won’t be the lowest either). I’m sure I will have missed something out so feel free to ask if I have.

IGN: ketzia7245

Bring it over, I776

Nevermind, we no have Atlas, sorry.

I need to try atlas now. Just not quite desperate enough to leave my team with main account but looks like baby account may be little too low level for atlas teams. Can’t win

Yup, sucks doesn’t it?

Look up lonefamily. They’re in gold 2 with atlas. Trying to rebuild after dropping some dead weight

Thank you for replies. I’m sorted now so this can be closed thank you