LFT for Lv. 155 Player

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LFT – Lv. 155 - CzarCastic Plat 3 - Plat 2


Language: English
Time Zone: CDT
Played time: A few months
Age Range: Old enough to not whine and complain.
Elite Account?: Nope
Dragon Roster Includes: Krelos, Nucifera, Marav
Highest Lineage Dragon: Rizar

About: I’m a Lv. 155 player who’s been playing this game for a few months, I can play smart (most of the time), I’m active in wars, events, and Atlas. I’d like a Plat 3 - Plat 2 after this event is over. Atlas is preferable. By preferable, I mean, I absolutely need Atlas seeing as the normal game has gotten boring. :frowning:

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You can message me in-game with OrderofDragoon. We’re Plat 2, you’d be the smallest for a little while but if you’re progressing quickly it won’t matter. Happy to pass on advice in different game aspects as well.

I’ll check you guys out, thanks!

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PeritusDraconi :slight_smile:
P2, we have castles of every element. Getting more active in atlas. Come check is out :slight_smile:

@moderators Found a team, you can close the thread.