LFT for next seasson and beyond


I am looking for a team to join once CC is over that does 5/5 and 8/8 on a regular basis and also that has a decent amount of castles in Atlas.
Non-Dread please🀣


Language: English
Time Zone: EU
Played time: Since summmer of 2021
Age Range: 34 , Sex : Yes pleaseπŸ˜ƒ
Elite Account: only Atlas
Dragon Roster Includes: Aerow, Cuadart, i have 21 keys this seasson but i will cash in chests next seasson
Highest Lineage Dragon: all Artisan bred, i will breed Monarch next seasson


I have a feeling you’d benefit from getting zeph this season.
If you don’t have monarch dragons yet you’re definitely a little too small for me to recruit lol.

I am there with breeding, i am just waiting for breeding event now to get 2 Monarchs. I don’t know if i’d like Zephyr, i have great hopes for a good dragon next seasson.

Check out gloryflames! Let me know what questions you have

PM’d you

RegΓΌlatΓΆrsX seni bekliyor

Check us out here

AnimalLords Atlas Pirates

I have a feeling you might fit right in :sweat_smile:

Thank you all for your interest, i have decided for a team. Thread can be closed.

@moderators :smiling_face_with_tear: