LFT. - Found team. Thank you for the replies here, and in game mails

Looking for Team for my Main Device (Applying)
LVL – 187 `

Language: english
Time Zone: California
Played time: almost 3 years
Elite Account: Rubys for Elite. Just renewed for another’s year.
Dragon Roster Includes: LEOS capped with Obsidian stone, Borgian, Hunters !!
Highest Lineage Dragon: 1 1/2 Dragons from Hauset. 2 1/2 Dragons from Garnet
90M ATK boosted
20M DEF boosted small base design.

Check out thedoghouse we are in s2

Check out I776, but you would have to agree to stop leveling until you breed garnets.

Nevermind, we don’t have Atlas. Best of luck.

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Contact me. We will have spaces, and should return to sapphire (currently pt-1) in a week or so. Also have atlas.

Thank you for your time. I appreciate it. And I’m in full agreeance with your thoughts on getting to Garnet before before leveling any further.

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IrishDragons is a great competitive team, with atlas, castles, and a strong alliance. We have a FB, LINE, and discord. People from every time zone.
Must agree to participate in war waves and meet all event, and atlas goals.
Currently plat 1 but will be in Sapph 3 at reset in a few hours.

If interested please put in an application and mail our recruitment officer: FinnMcCumhaill and let him know Drey sent you :slight_smile:

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