LFT, Is there any team in P4 having Atlas and looking for member?

My level is 122, I have never missed any war and done point in the event well.

Looks Yautjaprime, Indonesian, HotTubParty, PeaceNLove. That team have access to Atlas

Just a quick Q.

Why specifically p4?

May be he’s middle lvl

Maybe he/she doesn’t like war waves (Plat 2+ is where I see it developing)… and there are very few teams in Plat 3 or 4 with atlas access. The only one I can name is EliteKillers.

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TheLastSparta is in gold I going to platinum soon. We have atlas and have recently merged to make us stronger than ever. Most of our players are playing with their main accounts.

We value loyalty and friendly competition. We also have chats in line for information sharing and chatting and are very supportive of one another.

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