LFT – k37town Level 161 – Gold or Platinum

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Language: English
Time Zone: EST
Played time: Since beginning of the Sunscorch Season
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: No
Dragon Roster Includes: Krelos, Hauheset, Ember
Highest Lineage Dragon: Jul

About: I’m looking for a team that does well in events (8/8 team prize would be nice but 6/8 is great too) and is active. Atlas is preferable but it’s not a dealbreaker if the team doesn’t have Atlas.

Check out SilverDRC

Ghosteam (P3) has some spot opened :blush:


Check out XxGoldScalesxX if you like , they are a platinum4 team without atlas so hopefully that’s not a deal breaker for you , but they are very active and do very well in all events and currently in 1st place in there league this event …
happy flying
Zella .

WhiteNoise7 is also recruiting. It fits your requirements. You can check it out too. You can ping me in game if you want for more detail😇

Come check out PeritusDraconi. We are P2, 12 castles, all elements. And promote atlas activity.


KnightsOfHell are looking to replace a couple of people at the end of the event.

Currently P2 after dropping from sapphire due to losing a few players.

Experienced leadership.

Castles in all elements.

We aren’t currently hitting 8/8 except fort and the occasional pvp but this is our eventual goal.

Strong 5ta and wider alliance.

Hit me up in game with any questions.

NightmareGuild - P4 - we do well in events (no, not 8/8 yet), enjoy chatting and supporting each other, and don’t look at the game as a full time job since most of us have families and full time jobs already. (So it’s not for everyone)
Happy to answer questions - message GoatessOfWar in game.

Check out DevilsMischief we are only P4 but we work hard and laugh along the way.

We’ve got atlas but no castles yet so no pressure on that side.

Message our leader if we tickle your fancy.

I’ve found a team. @moderators please close this thread

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