LFT – L117/Thor – Any League with Atlas

Language: English
Time Zone: UTC -5
Played time: 9 months (I’m in & out most of the time)
Age Range: 20ish
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Necryx/Borgian/Kelvin
Highest Lineage Dragon: Platinum Legendary, starting Sapphire Tier next Breeding

About: Looking for an Atlas team (already have the basic knowledge), I am very active, never missed a war (always around at war start/during most of the waves depending how the team proceed), usualy do my target alone as I am able to defeat up to 100 levels higher depending on layout, towers type & etc, do well in event (usualy the “Notify” feature is disable so it tells how far I get), that is pretty much it👋


If just to try playing in atlas, you can join in HotTubParty or Yautjaprime (Platinum League) or in PeaceNLove ( Gold League)

Dracoknights is looking for a member but we are not in atlas yet. About to be bumped up to plat 2 though in a day.

Hi Thor, i’m with charredRunes, we have had Atlas since the beginning. Currently platinum one going to sapphire, if interested all new recruits must go through our officer DJ. Good luck and happy burning​:fire::grin:

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