LFT – L139 Thor – None > S3+

Language: English
Time Zone: UTC/GMT -4
Played time: At the end of season it will be a year.
Age Range: 23
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Borgian, Aibrean, Necryx.
Highest Lineage Dragon: Sapphire, soon to be garnet.

About: There’s not much to say, you’ll get to know me quick enough🤷‍♂️

Sitting on 55M AP & 16.3M DP (which, I think, isn’t that bad). Would like a team with Atlas!

We are gold II but have open spots if you are interested!

IGN - HonaLee

We have a spot contact me if you are interested! Good team plat 2 we just need a few more good core players!

Plat 4 team with Atlas slowly moving up.
Send message or just apply if interested.

Un4givenSaints happy to have you if you are active. Gold2, but close to gold 1.

Hi …have you joined any team or not yet???

Hi currently in gold1 right now my team is XxREBELLIONSxX

We are looking to go far all the way we are active international team so someone is always online… We do war a lot and we rank well in events… We have a spot open!!! Hope to hear from you!!


I am still looking for the perfect home👀

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Hey Thor,
We don’t have Atlas, but if you are looking for a strong team you should take a look at NagaWarriors! Currently 1 war away from plat 3. We are a friendly and helpful group that is a great place for players to grow and succeed. We are looking to fill a spot for a friend who is too busy to continue playing right now, and we would love to have you!

Our only rule is that War is mandatory. Event participation and completing Team Quest objectives are greatly encouraged, but there is no given goal (although we we’re ranked 1st last event).

If we sound like a good fit, please apply despite our roster showing as full.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Heya Thor. ArmyOfMayhem is a Plat 3 team that is rising quickly. The team was founded in March and in just 11 weeks we are in Plat 3. Our goal is to reach Plat 1/Sap 3 ASAP so that we will have a good chance of getting Atlas with the next roll-out. Please let me know if you have any questions.

You still looking for a team we have atlas and I can get you a spot right now!! Sapphire 3 currently

Looks interesting!

We are looking for active player currently plat 3 looking to move up msg me if you are keen


I am looking to replace a player who is not doing their part

Would you be interested in joining a very active platinum team?


You find a team yet ?

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