LFT - LeagueofSouls is Recruiting!

LeagueofSouls - Sapphire 2 - Recruiting*


Language: English
Time Zone: ANY
Played time: Very Active
Age Range: 18+ only
Elite Account?: Preferable
Dragon Roster Includes: Show us what you have, Pathox, Surt/UVS, Ronin, Nam/Meg, etc.
Highest Lineage Dragon: 350+ Vanguards Prefered

About: LeagueofSouls is one of the first teams in WarDragons. We were one of the first to have Atlas access and have developed a rich history in the game and with longterm players. We have a daily egg bonus just shy of 1,000 in Atlas with lots of activity taking place. We are currently in Sapphire 2 looking to make a leap back to Sapphire 1. If you are interested in a friendly, experienced team, please apply. We look forward to hearing from you all.

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I’m looking for a new sapphire team. I’m very active but only 307 current level.

Still confirmed to not suck

Eye eye