LFT level 170 Miaowme in Sapphire 3+


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Language: English
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Dragon Roster Includes: necryx, aibrean, fomhar, axi, enki, ember
Highest Lineage Dragon: garnet

Hi, Im looking for a sapphire team to join after pit fight event


Just throwing this out here… KittyNSausage (Plat 3) is not Sapphire but we would love to have you! :blush: Send retart0843 a in game email or apply to our team site. Tell then Faddara sent you. :wink:


SKYOVERDREAM is a sapphire 2 team! I’m pretty sure we’re looking if you want to hit the apply button!!! Our leadership should contact u after you do! Great atlas participation and good event standings!


I have found a team, thank all




you are quick