LFT level 201 want to go to Diamond

Language: English, Sarcasm, and foul
Time Zone:Est
Played time:9 months
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Always
Dragon Roster Includes:Necryx, Avyx, Leo’s, Kinnarus, and Sekhem
Highest Lineage Dragon: will have Hauset this breeding event

About: Dedicated player, more than 40 hours a week, I’m always on for the first few hours of war at a minimum. I’m a strong flyer using strategy and tactics over brute Force. Just looking for a team that’s worth my efforts in the game, I get global ranking in almost every event and I’m looking for a team that works as hard as I do.

Red is looking for a member and you seem to meet requirements. I’m just a person looking for the outside I have no affiliation message her :slight_smile:

They want someone with Mythic Garnet, I’m a bit below that, I’ve been working the paths @TheRedDelilah made and trying to get caught up but gold league doesn’t have the payout I need to catch up and each time I do the minimum requirements seem to have been raised beyond my grasp

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Ask my team we are amazing and but Sapphire 2. We have atlas and competitive. Just an idea but we can’t be an “in-between team” I think you would like us. I’m there and I’m awesome!! :blush: Just kidding but seriously think about it

If you’re just getting hau idk about getting into diamond lol unless a team is really nice. Unless you can level him enough and fly really well it’d be pretty hard to catch a recruiters eye

Level isn’t as important as dragons so try and catch up this breeding :+1: I would recommend following Reds best breeding guide and use her dragon check in to see where you fall

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Definitely don’t sandbag in gold unless you really like the people there.

I’m sure you’ll find a good sapphire team that could use you. Maybe you could get tokens there and see where progression takes you from there on out

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Agree, dragon power is much more important than base level. My lvl 155 is gettin hau this breeding event. I have a level 175 teammate who still has gold dragons :man_facepalming:

A chance if you can fly Hau

He doesn’t even have Hau yet, so I’m guessing he wont’ be able to fly it like Ragnar can…but maybe in a few months with lots of practice!

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I’ll have Hau mastered much quicker than a few months :joy:

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LEGIONOFDOOM sweetheart u will not be disappointed they have atlas now. Diamond in a week.

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