LFT level 211 hawk

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Time Zone:UK but any
Played time:summer 2016
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?:yes
Dragon Roster Includes:nec… kinn… apophet
Highest Lineage Dragon:renard

About: im looking for a friendly team of players to play and have fun playing the game… looking for primarily Sapp but Plat will work… reply or pm me in-game if anyone’s interested

Check our deathdealers. We’d love to have you. Plat 2 atm.

Plus you get the fun of playing with me :joy::joy::upside_down_face:

Hey Hawk

ShankzNSpankz is our guild name

We’d love to have you join our family if you’re interested.
We’re a plat 2 team currently with plans to move into plat 1 after feeding event and eventually into Sapp.
A good amount of us have been together for about a year some others for about 6 months so we’re a close group of individuals. We have players from all over so time zones aren’t a huge concern for us.
We’re highly competitive with both the league and within. Wars and event participation are mandatory unless a notice is given to officers. Then were very understandable.

I’m sure I could provide more on any questions you may have so feel free to pm here or in game Alphar12.

Thanks for your time ^.^

You can cheek out EndOfDaysPlay. We’re a Saph 3 team and would love you have you. :smile:

Check out Bowhunters sapphire 2, PM LittleArcher or Hotseat if you’re interested

Good afternoon xHawkeye,

I’m one of the officers of DarkentheEarth. Would love to have you. We’re currently in P1, but generally move up to S3 often. Looking for good players to put their roots down.

Hiya Hawk! Please check us out at TheOddSquad. Lots of fun but we take our wars and events seriously. We help each other out with everything needed, every day. I think you’d love it with us. Check us out, ok?


Darkwinds, check us out! Write Wildfire, or apply!

BackDownNever is a Platinum 1 team with Sapphire aspirations. A player such as yourself would be an asset in pursuit of that goal. We however are not chasing Sapphire at the expense of our team. We want to work towards this and build the team together. We are a chatty helpful low drama team of players who respect one another and understand teamwork and that we are stronger together. I would love to have a chat with you to see whether we would be a good fit. I believe this is an amazing team for anyone looking for a long term home.

We are in plat3 team name is AlmightyBeasts

Checkout Ghosteam Platinum1 team and pm me if interested.

Hey hawk … check out SudnDreams… we have 1 spot opening and would love to let you join our family … we are in sap3 … pm me on game if you’re interested … hope to hear from you soon :blush:

I’d offer you to come to TKOdragons, but I imagine you’re looking for a higher league than Gold 4. Right now we’re currently looking for active players.

Thxs all found a new team now

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