LFT – `Level 222` `TheMancunian` – `Plat 1` for `Plat 3+`

LFT – Level 222 TheMancunianPlat 1 for Plat 3+

Language: English
Time Zone: BST (UK)
Played time: ~2 years
Age Range: dont care
Elite Account?: Yes & Never to Atlas
Dragon Roster Includes: Dreth, Haku, Ember,Draco & Frigg etc
Highest Lineage Dragon: Garnet & next breed event Emerald

First off I am looking for a team for myself lvl 226 and alt lvl 122.
I have some basic requirements as follows:
Would really like a European team if possible
Platinum 3 or better (would consider lower with better infrastructure)
Decent Atlas Alliance setup
6+ Castles
500+ tokens daily from atlas
Regular bubble parties
Laid back team with or without minimums and without clowns, gobshites, drama queens and selfish nobs.
Must get the 300 sigil team prize or better every event
Must reach Level 8 Quest prize or better
Must reach Shrine Guardians every time in Temple raid
I also expect open sharing of knowledge e.g. how to complete assault bases, I would also contribute.

About me: if you are still reading. I have completed the egg token boost & Dreth’s lines and am aiming for a mythic this season, hence the requirements. I am a very, very active player, knows and plays in Atlas, I have ~200k troops with half waiting to revive atm, I do all the normal asking stuff like wars etc, chats in game, have line. I average 1.8k sigils personally per event excluding chests and team prizes etc, I think that’s the 450 sigil prize or above. I am following Reds breeding path atm.

My alt does about 1/3 to 1/2 of what I do depending on event etc but always meets the 300 sigil team mark and gets 200+ in team quests and has 200k+ troops.

Think that’s your team I’m talking about? If it is lets talk, message me with what you have and why I should join you :smile:

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PMed you

Check out NewbieNoobs. Plat 1. Probably 50% or so American, but we have several active Euro and Aussie players. Think we meet+ most/all of your other requirements, but send me a PM if interested and we can discuss details.

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