LFT Level 238 Looking for a team with a good balance between activity and sanity - P2, P1 or S3

Posting from a sock puppet account - Haven’t 100% decided to leave my current team yet and I don’t want them to know I am looking. I just don’t feel its a good fit and I am looking for a better fit.

Level 238 quite active player. Just broke through the garnet wall this breeding. Got a decent short base with two kill zones consisting of flaks, fire turrets, and mages (all maxed), with an ice turret guarding my maxed farms and mage island out front of it all. Leveled runes on the towers and epic armored defensive rider on the perch. Defense power 400M. Not too shabby considering I have been stuck with max tower level 45 due to lack of garnet eggs to upgrade the hut. Now that I have busted the garnet wall and can upgrade my hut 3 times, I should go up quite a bit in the next few forts.
I’m active in atlas and I know how it works. I’m holding 250k troops at the moment. My prims are under developed and I am working on leveling them up - partly because I got atlas late (only had for 6 months) and partly because my current team has very restrictive rules about hitting in atlas so basically all I can do for glory is go to Aligane and let people clobber me.

Looking for a team where most everyone is very active, but not looking for anything S1 or D2 crazy where you have mandatory minimums and spend as much time on the game as you do at work. That crap is just bonkers if you ask me. So basically looking for a happy medium in the P2, P1 or S3 range. Specifically have in mind the following attributes of my ideal team;

  1. Should have no placeholder alts. Actively played alts are fine. But nothing that just sits there and sandbags during events.
  2. Should routinely achieve the maximum team prize in Fort and PvP events. Maybe not every single time, but most of the time. I’d like to get those 1200 sigils at least 8 or 9 times during a season. (I personally am always over the cutoff, except breeding event which is hit or miss)
  3. Should have atlas and at least 4-5 castles.
  4. Should do wars regularly and utilize coordinated battle tactics in wars
  5. Should be as active as possible in atlas - I know that Atlas is tough for teams in the P2 - S3 range unless they have a really good alliance with a bigger team.
  6. Engaged leader and officers who help coordinate and motivate the team (My current team has 3 lower actives and an alt in the officers if you can believe that crap)
  7. Not a whole lot of team rules. A few are ok.

If this sounds like a good fit, message me on here and we can chat on Line.


Base Level: 238
Language: English, foul mouthed and adult-orientated
Time Zone: US Central
Played time: 2.5 years
Age Range: I do my own taxes
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Foamy, Guns, Eq, and Prozac - all with riders and Epic or better gear
Base Style: Short base with two maxed tower kill zones and a mage island
Highest Lineage Dragon: Emerald

You sound like a good fit for us at fury Uk .we are rebuilding our team and if you fancy giving us a try then message me.all I ask is that you give us a couple of events and if you feel you are not fitting in well give me notice and we will replace you at our mutual convenience

Why is it hit or miss? :thinking:

It isnt all that hard to get 180k in a month unless you are a complete f2p.

And you sound like you want a well organized team… that usually tends to have many rules but you dont want rules… hmmmm…

Yeah, tall order, but I expect that some teams are transcendent and are so well organized…they don’t need rules?

Sounds niche. :rofl:

Sounds like a certain team I’ve been hearing about

Come to the dark side !!!


Without requiring spending or that many rules, forming no hits and maxing team prize in pvps especially in higher tiered teams can be hard when competing with spenders. CharredRunes is currently S2 and we require no spending, only that everyone builds troops, defs atlas attacks when seen and is doing at least a bit to contribute to lvl 9 chests in quests during events. We hit max team prize every non pvp and every other pvp we can usually hit max.
We have 20+ castles and are in a big network of teams but there are daily raids and alliance defenses to do so running short on glory if your on for only a few hours a day shouldn’t be a problem. The other alternative is our glory trade chats.
That being said we are currently looking for fresh recruits 280+ with obsidian tier lineage dragons. While you might be slightly below that it sounds like you’ll be up to par within a month if you grind out those breeding tokens (good atlas team helps with an extra 1k a day + daily rank bonus). So feel free to drop an application our way and write an officer a note as to who you are and where you’d like to be in a months time with your build/breed! :beers:

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