LFT - Level 30 - looking for gold+ with atlas

Language: English
Time Zone: EST
Played time: 1 year+ (this account is new).
Age Range: 21-30
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Kirin, arb, Aibrean.
Highest Lineage Dragon: Arb.

About: I’m looking for an team with atlas that is looking for an active player. I have an intricate understanding of atlas, am following Red’s Red-obsidian path, and mech’s base building guide. Play around 4-5 hours a day and looking forward to contributing! PM me here or in game.
Update: Amarok is my next breed.

What happened to your other account?

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I suggest you grow a little more and then look out for Plat teams that were a part of the original beta (I’ve run into a few in Plat 3-4). For such a specific request, forums aren’t really a good place to go to first either.

Unlike this one, It’s not looking for a team :slightly_smiling_face:

Catch twenty-two, need to grow a little more to get atlas/atlas gives more speedups to grow :man_shrugging:t3:[quote=“CheekyGrinch, post:2, topic:34663, full:true”]
What happened to your other account?


While you’re growing, why not come join us? We have lvl +90 players that can help you grow – and we’re destined for Diamond.
HellsKnights-Gold IV; message me if you’re still looking for a team.


Updated my post and still looking for an atlas team to contribute to :slight_smile:

Hey! We don’t have Atlas but your exactly the kind of player we’re looking to join us. We’re a small team made up of former Platinum players that have all been playing over a year.

Take a look at my post and let me know what you think - LFM - Gold V - Easypezee

On another note, I didn’t think Atlas was available outside of Sapphire yet? Have I missed something as I’m looking forward to it myself?

Atlas releases were to top teams (finished the Diamond of the time then yes released down to Sapphire 2 of the time) but they could have dropped down to Sapphire. The next release is coming up for upper Plat and the rest of current Diamond and Sapphire.

Worthy goal! :joy:

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A man can dream…


we don’t have atlas, but we are a gold level 3 looking for members like you…TKOdragons is our team if interested

I’m curious what would be better than the forums for such a specific request? Only thing that comes to mind is maybe Facebook because there is more people that frequent it.

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