LFT, level 380, XMrEvilX, current Platinum 1 Angry Ghaums, want Platinum 2 top team

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LFT – 380 XMrEvilXPlatinum 1 to Platinum 2


Language: English
Time Zone: EST
Played time:
Age Range:
Elite Account?: regular Elite only not a pay to play
Dragon Roster Includes: Meglok, Gig, Lockjaw, Chelonoth
Highest Lineage Dragon: Harbinger about to breed Vanguard

About: I am looking for a top Plat 2 team that has Atlas and multiple castles with a daily egg token payout of over 1000, always makes its 8/8 and 5/5 in events and players have reasonably strong bases. I am not a spender and don’t chat much, I play recreationally but competitively and hit my marks in events and wars. I will never ask for anything from bank as I hunt for what I need and contribute excess. If interested please mail me in game, current team is kinslayerdager.

Thank you,


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OrderofDragoon, we’re a Plat 2 team, normally finish top 5 in PvP (we do struggle in Fight Pits, but KW we were 2nd and we’re currently in 1st in our league for this event). We have 6 castles currently, at least one for each element and daily payout is above 1000 between atlas and main game.

Biggest issue is we don’t hit 8/8 during PvP or breeding yet, we need to make a few more replacements before we can consistently do that. We do get 10/10 quests every event with few exceptions. If that isn’t settling too much for you we can make space to have you here.

Hi BGage92,

The 8/8 and 10 team chest every event is why I am looking now. Current team while improving still misses to often. I am looking for a strong team focused on hitting event goals every time and doing it as well as making sure every members base is strong. Then after hitting these goals and organically placing in top moving up naturally. If you guys hit that point or are 1 replacement away let me know. Thanks


Understandable! I’ll let you know how we do and when/if we ever do get to that.

Most plat and sapphire teams should make it but not many do below that.