LFT Level 393 - Platinum and up

Looking for a team after the event. I’ve not had atlas for 3 seasons so my base is a little weak (was in a non atlas team). I’ve played about 2 1/2 years. I will finish breeding Tuktu next breed event.

I’m looking for an active atlas, chatty, fun team. Not looking for a strict team. I am very active and do my wars and events/quests. I am only E2P with occasional atlas elite to pay for rider/primarch training. I would like to be in a team that has all elements.


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PM me,

We are looking to replace a couple Members

Team I776
Have sent you an in game message.
We are looking for a few new members.

If you haven’t found a home yet, check us out at TheOddSquad. Great bunch of peeps and great leader. :hugs:

Peritusdraconi will be looking for a few members this week. We have 4 elements currently (missing earth, for now) We are plat 3. Requirements are pretty easy. 4+ on event quests, don’t miss wars, 40k troops. And don’t get zeros on events. Send me a message on game or on line if you would like to talk to me, and see if you would be a good fit!
line id: Lathra

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I’m 385 and will also finish tuktu and methaddict I mean methalex next event. Join where @Lathra said and we can have some healthy competition. :smiling_imp:


Team 50kings would love to have you we have atlas and play casual and semihard please email me in game Lokiyoo we are in plat 3

Check out Darkshades

You can message me in Game CelticWarHeros are P2…we can help you get back on track…just message me IG… DrummerGirl7… We’ll welcome you with Open Arms.

What’s your in game name?
Or send me a mail if you are interested in joining DG, a saph 3 with over 1300+ egg tokens daily from atlas. And yes lots of castles of every element

My ign is same

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We are a Platinum 2 Atlas team, with 6 Castles - one for each of the different elements of crafting shards, and 2 for Ice.

We’re very active - and place well in events - mostly between top 2 to 5. We try and declare War every week - but sometimes between PG disabling at times, and real life - we are only able to declare twice a month.

Most important - We are a family, that treat each other with respect, kindness, and consideration - who are very helpful and caring towards each other - with ZERO DRAMA.

We do have some requirements that need to be met :

ALL Wars are Mandatory -
Participation in ALL Regular and Atlas Events is Mandatory -
Completing at least 4 Quests EVERY Event is Mandatory -
Contributing Resources to the Bank is Mandatory

Also Mandatory - having FUN and Flying Dragons :dragon: :wink:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to PM me in game.
Blackwidowsden :blush:

Thank you everyone! I found a team.