LFT - Level 400 active player. Need 8/8 team with flexible Atlas requirements

Language: English
Time Zone: USA
Played time: varies
Age Range: adult
Elite Account?: Normal elite, not atlas elite
Dragon Roster Includes: Quasar, Calavore, Krellos
Highest Lineage Dragon: Empyrean

Finished both discount lines, and +100% egg mission. Have 12K more sigils, 550 gold and 3000 silver. Have enough energy and IF to finish the season 8/8, with possible exception of breed events. Also have enough chests to have 8/8 season next season.

I am looking for a team that regularly gets 8/8 on events. My primary goal is to level up responsibly. I do not have atlas elite and do not plan on buying it, so although I’ll will do what I can there, I need a team that does not require me to lose more troops per day being a meat shield than I can produce without an elite account.

Comfortable in P1, but willing to try something new.

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Consider Darksiders316!

We are a newly promoted platinum 1 team that strives for 8/8 every event. Over 80% of the time, we reach it and we are constantly removing those who don’t. Breeding and temple raid are the only events where we sometimes struggle a little.

We have no minimums in atlas but expect people to at least be active.

Hope you consider us!

Thanks, sounds promising. I will consider all responses and appreciate each one. Can mail me in game at scaleyjoe as well. Will need to make a decision on Monday.

you can make a poem about chicken fingers and we ill consider your applaicetan


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I’ll get right on that.

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DivineDestiny check is out

Thanks for all the replies, messages and advice everyone.

@moderators please close.

Where’s my chicken finger poem?

Make sure mine is medium rare

dang it. i knew I forgot something. remind me next time…

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Closed upon request. :slight_smile: