LFT level 46 Platinum 3 / 4

I’m trying to find a team. The first 3 teams were pretty inactive and the last one just kicked me without any reason. I had just joined them this morning and when I logged on just now I was without a team.

I do pretty well in events. 82k in the last PvP and 700k+ in fortification.

WeLive4War would be happy to have you.


Thank you but it says I need to level up more to apply.

Oh, I’ll send you an invite.


I can’t imagine someone not being happy in your team but if she wants egg tokens… can we get her after? :point_right: :point_left:

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Haha. We hold no one hostage. Since she was a new player I just wanted to make she knows not everyone is a jerk that kicks without warning.


Can this be closed? I’m on a team now :grin:

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You’re in the BEST team now, and we’re thrilled to have you!

Closing per your request.

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