LFT - Level 482 - Sapphire 1 to Sapphire 3

Language: English (predominantly)
Time Zone: Central Standard Time (CST)
Played time: Since December 23rd, 2018 (on this account)
Elite Account?: No.
Dragon Roster Includes: Hauhezen, Hauheset, Renard, Iteru, Sekhet, Ickumma, and Gilas
Highest Lineage Dragon: Vexa currently, Caldur during the upcoming breeding event

I have lately been preoccupied with occurrences in my personal life, and have had scant time to log in. I decided to decline in league in order to atone for my absence, as I was far too busy to effectively maintain the charade that I was intending to and attempting to maintain. I have recently found the time to reascend and become the competitive player I once had the leeway to play as. The following information is how I normally play, and how I should perform in the coming weeks, so prior performances should not reflect how I’ll perform moving ahead.

What I have to offer:

  • A cordial, manageable, easygoing player who refrains from orchestrating dramatic scenes

  • A player who plays not solely for self-benefit, but also for that of the team in its entirety, especially as the benefit of the team ultimately translates into self-benefit, and the primary purpose of a team is support

  • A player who is dedicated to completion of event extras such as team quests, such that multiple alarms have been set to chime nightly for the purpose of reminding to complete them whenever available

  • A player who regularly achieves milestones considerably higher than the final team prize in each event, yet ensures to achieve the final one at minimum when something comes up (and in such events, makes an effort to communicate with an officer)

  • A player who is scrappy in relation to level (level 482; rarely hit within my range unless at a loss for time, almost always strive for levels 510-540+)

What I am striving for (meeting each and every requirement is not a necessity, but priorities are in red):

  • Team must have acquired access to Atlas, and must have conquered castles to distribute the daily player bonuses for better ease in minor events

  • Team must routinely achieve the 8/8 and 5/5 milestones collectively for final team prizes and quest chests

  • Team must be drama-free (to a fault, at least; perfection is not what I seek) and provide a serene playing environment

  • Team must have a strong, well-organized, respectful leadership group, and the rest of the team should follow in that regard

  • Team must be at least semi-competitive, strategic to an extent, have values, and finish within the top 5-10 regularly in events, or at least perform well enough to reap enough of the corresponding prizes

Should anything align or be of interest, you may communicate with me either via in-game emails/group chats or in the reply space below, and I will respond to you promptly. Thank you in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:


Jalen translator here.

IRL took up a lot of time, but he’ll have time to play more again.

Avoids making drama

Plays to improve his team, and not just himself directly.

Does quests and gets sleep deprivation.

Goes past 8/8.

Can hit up consistently.

Have atlas, and castles.


Don’t suk

My review of Jalen: I never got to see him at his prime as far as activity, but he was cool to have around. I know YY has issues with him when he was around (activity), but I’m confident he’ll improve upon that


Come to 1str

Jalen you working on your atlas kills yet? :eyes:


But… you know drama was our jam in MOD :rofl: good times