LFT - Level 497 looking for a place to "retire" for a little while - must have atlas

Language: English
Time Zone: PST
Played time: 3+ yrs
Elite Account?: YES
Dragon Roster Includes: Orthoptar, Namaka, Lusian, Zenko, Archon
Highest Lineage Dragon: Orthoptar

Looking to chill for a little while… maybe a couple weeks, maybe longer. Won’t be super active to be honest

Let me know what your daily atlas egg reward is and atlas rank. Thanks.

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IvoryViper has Atlas and is auto-accept … designed for the tired. :rose:

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Sparklemotion will take you no minimums with atlas just war and events

Sam’s team would be a great option! I needed a break a while back and it was nice. You can’t go wrong there.

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Depending on your version of “active”… check out Darkshades

Drop me a message in WD.we can work something out… DrummerGirl7

That’s CelticWarHeros

Thanks to those that replied.

@Lorinator maybe suzie will take in @PsychoCobra which all in all are in ur main teams alliance

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